The story of the
Tessitura Fratelli Gargantini (TFG)

The story of the Tessitura Fratelli Gargantini (TFG) began nearly 200 years ago in a small town in Brianza near Milano.

The company started as a family production company in 1840 when Fortunato Gargantini decided to buy the first mechanical loom, kept secretly in his home basement, in order to produce the most sophisticated linen fabrics using noble yarn from nearby Ireland.

Subsequent generations of Gargantini family took charge of the important “know-how” left for him by the founder and expanded the production and commercial aspect by distributing the collections of flax, and other equally noble fibers such as cotton and silk, with great success throughout Italy, Europe and eventually the United States.

President Gianluca Gargantini is a citizen of the world, sixth-generation Italian of the TFG and current president, thanks to his experience and deep knowledge of the US market, has decided to select items of the highest quality from the collection to expand through the online sales channel.

Our strength is offering an high quality product online, entirely made in Italy, at a very competitive price, by bypassing the cost of a brick and mortar store and extending the savings to the customer. We are investing more in design and product development and delivering to the customer quickly and free of charge.

Our goal is make you enjoy your hours of sleep, since you spend about a third our time in bed, and improve your quality of life.

We are Italians, and we know very well “LA DOLCE VITA”, but also we have a cosmopolitan vision and are therefore very careful about everything around us that could improve our lifestyle.


Do not hesitate co contact us for any custom needs, we hear you and we will help you satisfy your needs.


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