Bedding Composition

Bedding Composition

Also referred to as a Bed Skirt, the Dust Ruffle is a decorative piece, used to cover the boxspring and the legs of the bed. Dust Ruffles can be finished with Decking (one single piece draped over the entire boxspring) or Panels (three pieces slotted in between the mattress and boxspring). Also there are generally two design options – gathered, which gives a ruffled look, or tailored, that hangs straight down, with pleating, for a simpler look.

With pocketed corners and an elastic edge, Fitted Sheets fit tightly and securely over your mattress to prevent any bunching while tossing and turning in bed. The feel of your Fitted Sheet is incredibly important because it’s what you’re actually sleeping on when all the decorative pieces of your bed are removed.

Commonly referred to as the Top Sheet, the Flat Sheet lays between the Fitted Sheet and the Coverlet and / or Duvet Cover and is folded over at the top for a decorative accent. While many prefer to sleep with the Coverlet and / or Duvet Cover directly, a Flat Sheet is easier to launder on a regular basis. Flat Sheets often coordinate with the Pillow Cases in terms of design and finishing treatment.

Both decorative and functional, a Duvet Cover embellishes and protects your down comforter. A Duvet Cover is an envelope-like case with an opening at one end to insert the comforter or duvet. It can be folded at the bottom of the bed, making it readily accessible when needed.

Also known as Blanket Covers, Bedspread, Quilt, Matelassés and Piqués, a Coverlet is the piece that covers the top of the bed and is layered between the Flat Sheet and the Duvet. It serves as a light weight cover during warm weather months and an extra layer of warmth during cold weather months. Coverlets are not only highly functional, but they’re a way to emphasize color and texture into your bed.

A decorative pillow covering that is usually finished with a flange and an envelope closure, fits a 26” x 26” European (or Continental) Pillow. Euro Shams are usually placed in front of the headboard and often coordinate with either the Duvet Cover or the Coverlet, to tie the look of the bed together. We recommend 2-3 for a Queen Bed and 3-4 for a King bed.

Some consider Pillow Cases as the most important part of your bedding ensemble, as it’s the piece on which you actually sleep. Pillow Cases, usually sold in pairs, have an opening on one side, with a flap to cover the pillow, and a few extra inches of fabric that hangs loosely, called the flange. Pillow Cases often coordinate with the Flat Sheet in terms of design and finishing treatment.

Often confused with Pillow Cases, which you sleep on, Pillow Shams are used more for decorative purposes. Pillow Shams are typically finished with flanges on all four side and have an envelope closure in the back for inserting the pillow.

Boudoir Shams are a decorative covering for a 12” x 16” Boudoir Pillow that is placed in front of all the other pillows as an accent piece. While Boudoir Pillows are typically viewed as purely decorative, they are great for travel or for additional support under your neck.