Finishing process

TFG Tessitura Fratelli Gargantini processes woven fabrics with additional finishing treatments to enhance properties, appearance and improve overall performance.

After weaving the fabric is gassed, washed, bleached, mercerized, dyed, calandered and sanforized.

Excess fibers such as loose hair and fuzz are burnt to give a smooth, even appearance to the fabric surface.

Finishing process

Washing & Bleaching
Fabrics are pre-washed with bleach to get out all the impurities and remnants of weaving such as wax and dust particles.

Caustic soda is used to give the fabric resistance and additional shine. The process also stabilizes shrinkage, allowing the fabric to remain soft and loose when washed.

TFG Tessitura Fratelli Gargantini uses the so called “reactive dyes” that actually penetrate the cotton going inside the fibers rather than just covering the surface with a pigment that also stiffens the fabric (especially with darker colors). As a result, our colors are vivid, deeper, longer lasting, resistant to light and heat and our sheets are softer. Our dark colors are as soft and silky as our whites because we put the color inside the fiber rather than on top of it. It also allows TFG Tessitura Fratelli Gargantini to offer a expanded palette of 18 vibrant colorways.

Fabric is pressed trough several pairs of heated rollers to make it glossy and smooth thus enhancing luster and fixing colors.

It is a method of stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width, before cutting and producing to reduce the shrinkage which would otherwise occur after washing. It allows the dimensional stability of your sheeting over a long time and frequent wash.