Care Instruction

Your TFG linens have been expertly produced using the finest materials, and with proper care you will enjoy it for years to come. Our products are made from natural fibers that can be machine-washed at home, however, please be sure to read the care label on each item for best results.

• Machine wash, hot 104°F., do not bleach, tumble dry, gentle, Iron at medium temperature, do not dry clean.

Helpful hints for stain REMOVAL

Use these special tips for stain removal, and launder as usual. Do not dry or iron if the stain remains—treat stains until they disappear.

Candle Wax

Scrape off as much of the wax as possible with the dull side of a knife, then iron between absorbent paper, changing paper until wax is absorbed.

Coffee, Tea, Soda

Soak in hot water and pre-wash with stain remover. Repeat soaking process as needed, using fresh hot water and a stain remover.

White Wine

Rinse with Club Soda and pat the stain out against a clean white terry towel.

Red Wine

Cover with salt, then rinse with cool water. Repeat as needed with fresh cool water.


Blot while still wet, then pre-treat with stain remover or liquid laundry detergent.


Sprinkle with cornstarch or baking soda and allow to sit so the powder soaks up the grease. After the powder thickens, scrape away and repeat the process as needed. Be sure to brush off any remaining powder before laundering.

Meat Juice or Tomato Juice

Rinse with cool water—never hot—and blot with a clean white terry towel.


Hold stain against a clean white terry towel and spray closely from behind with aerosol hair spray. Ink should transfer to the towel. Repeat as needed with clean portions of the towel, then launder.


Do not hesitate co contact us for any custom needs, we hear you and we will help you satisfy your needs.


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