Table linens care

Table linens care

A lovely addition to any home, a well-dressed table sets the scene for many family gatherings and special occasions.

Just follow these simple suggestions to ensure a long-lasting preservation of your fine table linens.

– Machine wash in hot water for whites, warm for colors.

– Use pure soap for soft water or a gentle detergent in hard water. Use oxygenated bleach for whites only – chlorine bleach can weaken the fabrics and cause yellowing.

– Use the rinse cycle to remove all detergent. This will help avoid “age spots” which are caused by oxidation of the fibers.

– Treat the stains when they are fresh. If allowed to set, stains may be impossible to remove at a later date.

– Delicate lace and embellished linens should be placed in laundry bag (or a pillowcase) before being placed in the washing machine.

– Avoid twisting or wringing out linens before drying. Tumble dry on low setting until slightly damp.